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Tommentary- 9/11 - Tommentary (podcast) | Listen Notes

Claim Ownership. Providing insight and opinions on Tom Cruise and his movies. Episode The Firm In episode 10, Frank and return guest, Andrew talk about the inexplicably successful film, The Firm.

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Highlights include Mike being furious about having to watch this movie. Dad-lit discussions. Deadly Digestifs! Episode 9: The Last Samurai Our first 3-way Tommentary! Episode 8: Minority Report Fun things to look out for: Mike shoehorning his hatred of Ready Player One into every conversation, Peter Stormare, future tech talk!

Episode 6: Vanilla Sky Episode 5: Days of Thunder Episode 4: Magnolia Episode 3: Cocktail Strain into a tumbler with more ice. Crowning Moment Of Awesome or no.

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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. No Social Skills. Oct 4th at AM Yeah. Jimbobbowilly ha ha from New South Wales. Oct 4th at AM.

The Shadows Devour You. Oct 4th at AM Do you think, just maybe, they're scared? Ace with a Podao. Oct 4th at AM In spite of all the drama in this page, I am giggling because it looks like Annie is groping Kat If, y'know, Kat wasn't flat. Does that make me a bad person?

AckSed Pat.

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Tangent from Virginia Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you. Oct 4th at AM So, a friend from Lyoko Freak has started a webcomic liveblog, and began recapping Gunnerkrigg today. Never Trust. I think that may be why the "Hey!

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At least partly. Oct 4th at PM The Tommentary below makes the image of groping all the more hilarious.

Pencilsoot A star gazer. A star gazer. Now I'll never unsee. Speak up! Oct 4th at PM "Like a vise," indeed. Something something Oct 6th at AM And now that there's time to start processing this new information, the "answer one question and five more pop up" principle is in full effect again.

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Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches. Oct 6th at AM Always. Oct 6th at AM I wonder when Annie will get to repay the favour Carth All lost, to prayers. All lost, to prayers. Oct 6th at AM Hi, I'm popping out of obscurity. Oct 6th at AM I'm getting the same thing Oct 6th at AM Not quite. Oct 6th at PM realizes Tangent plugged me above, faints Well, it's back.

Oct 6th at PM Catch the hint Andrew, catch the hint Eh, knowing Andrew he won't catch the hint. Oct 6th at PM Someone from the woods, perhaps?