Masada The Beginning

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It is great to have a good character, it is great to be persistent in reasoning with other nations for a variety of reasons.

History of Masada

Only our government has the capiblities to watch and put pressures that will threaten and force other nations to comply with saving this earth and world, that Jesus hoped for. Freedoms and freewill for other peoples, is of utmost importance. We are a Christian nation. I know they sacrificed themselves, not for master, but for unconditional love for humans. Like the cat attacking a pitbull attacking a small child on a small bicycle which had falling down.

I am sure that God has an ark or paradise for all creation. Jesus said that he was yesterday, today and tomorrow. He also said he is a good shepherd, he said his words will be like chaff in the wind. Jesus told his disciples not to write, but they did write letters to each other after Jesus told them to go out into other places in twos. You think that you will have a free ride?

Nope, we are attianing knowledge from the beginning to the now. Building a history, for all as a humanity, and creatures from past to the now. Many have jobs and rewarded with thier works, freewill is high on the list of human self- rights for fun and pleasure, these rights re-think about what Jesus said in his time, about gird thy loins with righteous. Yes I know the bible says righeousness, but the meaning has changed.

Proof you ask? Jesus said his words will be like chaff in the wind. The Dead Sea Scrolls were not available to those who were present there. They were not discovered in the jars in the caves till recently……………….. Thanks for this book and all that is in it. It would be great to have it translated into other languages.


I know many people who would love greatly to read it in Spanish. Thanks again. Does anybody have any photographs or maps of the other ten Herodian fortified palaces built by Herod the Great? I was wondering if there might be unexcivated sites important to 1st century BCE Jewish history.

Did archaeologists find anything interesting at Macherhas on the East side of the Dead Sea? The story of Masada has intrigued me for many, many years.

The climb to Masada

I was in 2nd grade, getting my first Bible when the Dead Sea scrolls became public, and they too, fascinate me. What a tragedy so many were lost. My wife and I recently toured Masada. Of course, that was rebuked by the guide and he asked me if I was a scholar or writer. I am neither. Thanks for the e-book on Masada. It helps clear the mind on this site. People should read books of Mr. Nick Bunick at: nickbunick. Thanks for the ebooks and thanks for Noah Weiner for giving the readers this insite into the happenings at Masada during the final moments before the Romans were able to enter the fortress.

My wife and I recently visited Masada and this ebook should give us additional history to the tragedy. Your email address will not be published. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Combine a one-year tablet and print subscription to BAR with membership in the BAS Library to start your journey into the ancient past today! Learn More. For more than 40 years, the Biblical Archaeology Society has partnered with world-renowned hosts and guides to provide you exceptional educational offerings in the archaeology of the Biblical lands and in Biblical studies.

Download Now. Chapter 2 Scribe Links Qumran and Masada In an unprecedented breakthrough, paleographer Ada Yardeni recently identified the handwriting of a single scribe on more than 50 Dead Sea Scrolls from the Qumran caves. Chapter 4 Masada: Arms and the Man The large and diverse array of arms and armor discovered all over Masada offers a unique perspective to the Roman siege.

The first fortifications on Masada that we know of were constructed by the High Priest Jonathan Jannai as a place of refuge during one of the many periods of revolt and warfare which ravished the Holy Land, and these fortifications were strengthened and provisioned for 10 men by Herod the Great in 36 BC.

Masada National Park Will Pull You Back Into Time

He enclosed the entire summit with a limestone wall 18 feet high and 12 feet wide, in which he erected 37 towers 75 feet high. Masada is an extraordinary flat-topped mountain mass rising almost vertically and sheer from the surrounding terrain. It lies at the eastern edge of the Judean desert with a drop of more than 1 feet to the western shore of the Dead Sea. The area is wild, arid and rugged in the extreme. The rock of Masada is surrounded on all sides by deep canyons, and the only access to the top was, and remains, by two approaches.

It is easily defended from above. On the other side, that is the west, the slope, while still very steep and almost unclimbable in most places, has one spot where it was possible with great difficulty to climb almost, but not quite, to the top, and it was here that the Romans built their ramp and attacked.

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The top, almost flat, measures about 1 m feet from north to south, and m feet from east to west. Broad in the centre, it tapers like a ship to a prow-like peak at the northern and southern extremities. The photograph gives a clear impression of the mountain, looking from north to south. Today one approaches the place via a road running south from Jerusalem through Hebron and the newly built town of Arad.

The heat, utter desolation, and aridity make a strong impression. Lately the Israelis have built a cableway to the top, but when I was there the only access was up the ramp which the Romans had built for the final assault years ago, and which is still almost intact, and as they left it. It is a very evocative place, and the sense of brooding history is strong. When one reaches the top one is astonished at the extent of the buildings which had been erected. There are the remains of large barracks, store rooms, casements, and, at the northern point, the astonishing palace of Herod, built on three levels, and commanding a wonderful view of the Judean desert.

There lies modern Jordan, from whose heights the Arabs shelled the Israeli settlements below.

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Always conscious of the heat and extreme aridity of the area, one wonders how large garrisons of troops were able to exist on the summit, until one is taken down into the vast underground cisterns that Herod had hewn out of the solid rock. These caverns were cunningly fed by conduits cut through the rock which led the occasional flash flood waters into the cisterns, storing many thousands of gallons, more than enough to withstand a long siege. Who would expect beautiful mosaic floors, walls painted to simulate trees, flowers and gardens, a most elaborate ornamental swimming pool, all on the top of a rugged and desolate rocky fortress miles from the nearest habitation, and without any natural water or vegetation?

But there it all is, and there it has been for two millennia. Herod, with an eye to the future, had prepared this refuge as a place of safety from his many enemies, not the least being the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, who coveted Judea and who tried to persuade Mark Anthony, at the height of his passion for her, to destroy Herod and give her Judea. Herod feared Cleopatra greatly, for the threat she posed was a very real one. When his father was appointed Procurator of Judea by Caesar in 47 BC, Herod, then only 25 years of age, obtained the governorship of Galilee.

In 40 BC he went to Rome and obtained from Anthony and Octavian a decree of the Senate constituting him King of Judea, but notwithstanding this he was perennially uncertain about his safety, and trusted nobody. Because he was Idumaean, and not a member of the Hasmonean dynasty the traditional ruling family of the Jews he was always looking over his shoulder for a threat to his position as King of Judea.

Always suspicious of anyone who could threaten him, he rigorously suppressed any sign of rebellion among his subjects. Apart from this general slaughter he remained faithful and loyal to his Roman masters. He always had a body-guard of Roman legionaries in Jerusalem. He took with him his bride Mariamne, who was a Hasmonean, his family, and his retainers. The Parthians were at that time a warlike race of predators coming from their country across the Euphrates. How and why did the Romans become involved in the eternal internal wars and dissensions which characterized Palestine?

This story really starts with the conflict between the Sadducees and Pharisees, which culminated in the rise to power of the Hasmonean Sadducee king Judah Aristobulus, the first Hasmonean to use the title of king. He lasted only one year and was succeeded by his brother Alexander Jannai, under whom the rift between the people widened, eventually erupting into such serious conflict that Rome intervened. Pompey put Jerusalem under tribute to Rome. The year was 63 BC.

It became an annexed territory and was governed by Roman Procurators. The people were restive and divided; the official leaders of the Jews were the Sadducees, who were mostly priests and landowners, who preferred a quiet life and co-operation with Rome. But the bulk of the population followed their spiritual guides, who were not the priests but the rabbis and the learned men, and these were Pharisees.

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